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Roof Coating Irving

The roof is the protector of our homes, it is exposed to various natural phenomena making it one part of the house that often needs maintenance. They have to be replaced when they are needed to be changed to prevent further damage to the roof. The coating doesn’t last forever, that is why the key to save more money is to invest in a good one. Same reason why Irvin Roofers offer all types of roof jobs including roof coating Irving.

Roof Coating Irving

Although coatings are not permanent or last for life, they are surprisingly environmentally friendly. When you have a roof problem and your original plan is to get your roof changed, a company like Irving Roofers will give you a better option which is to coat your roof. In that way, less carbon footprint will be made while doing the process. In this way, you are solving your problem and at the same time, not causing any damage to our environment.

What is the Coating?

The coating protects the materials made to create a roof like single-ply membranes, metal, modified bitumen, and BUR. The coating’s formula is thicker than paint that is why it could protect the roof from natural damages caused by weather. This is required to make your roof’s life span longer. The coating is very elastic because the formula is high in resin.

The coating could maintain its elasticity until it could hold because the high content of resin made it like that. Because of the formula, the coating is also waterproof and becomes the bridge to the gaps between the roof caused by natural elements.

Types of Coating

The most common coating that also being offered by roof coating Irving is asphalt coating, acrylic coating, polyurethane coating, and silicone coating. Each of them has one goal, and it’s to protect your roof. But some are also specialized for other types of roofs and have pros and cons.

Why Coating is Important

  • Climate Management- natural effects like heat, UV rays, rain, storm, snow determine in wearing and tearing your roof.

  • Prolonged Life Span- everyday exposure to heat and rain could decrease the performance of the roof and result in a shorter life span.

  • Saves Energy- getting your roof fixed at the time needed to could save you a lot in energy. With a good quality coating, the heat from the outside world would be shielded so that a little amount could enter our homes resulting in less usage of appliances like aircon and electric fan.

It is important to note that the examples being provided above are just the shore of the sea. There’s a lot to consider why you need to get your roof coated and why you have to choose the right company for you. In Irving Roofers, we will fix all roof problems you have in the blink of an eye. Call us now!

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